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Law Firm - Aksoy Aydın Services

• The preparation of legal opinions requested under the Turkish Code of Commerce,
• To organize the opening of company establishments, Ordinary/Extraordinary General Assembly meetings as well as branch and contact offices,
• To issue the Resolutions of the Shareholders' Assembly and Board of Directors,
• To issue signatory circulars and to make any required amendments,
• To perform the procedures required for amendments to the Articles of Association,
• To provide legal consultancy services related with any sale, share transfer, asset transfer, merger, acquisition, demerger, and partnership with foreign companies or investors, joint ventures and similar projects that we are a party to and perform the relevant due diligence and report accordingly,
• To perform any required permit, notification and registration proceedings before the relevant authorities under the transactions stated above.


• To perform the legal examination of contracts and to execute the negotiation process,
• The adaptation to Turkish Law (localization) of contracts with regard to foreign clients
• To prepare legal opinion in any dispute arising from the implementation of contracts,
• To prepare any legal opinion requested under the Law of Obligations.


• To prepare contracts and documents arising from the Labor Law such as labor contracts and regulations,
• To perform the examination of company documents related with due diligence under the Labor Law, and to determine and report any risks,
• To prepare documents for the termination of labor contracts and provide opinion on any dispute that may arise,
• To obtain work and residence permits for the employment of foreign employees
• To prepare legal opinions requested under the Labor Law,
• To provide internal training on the obligations regulated under the Labor Law.


• To perform registration and objections proceedings of any trademark, industrial design, utility model and patent,
• To prepare transfer contracts, know-how, license, copyright, franchise, and royalty contracts for any trademark, industrial design, patent and utility model.


• To prepare contracts arising under the Financial Law, including Loan contracts, and Membership Contracts, and to execute the relevant negotiation process,
• Project Finance,
• To follow-up the processes under the Capital Market legislation.


• To prepare and perform the negotiation processes of any contract under the Real Estate Law including Real Estate Purchase and Sale contracts, Preliminary Sales contracts, Leases, Mortgage Contracts, Apartment Sharing Contracts, Construction Contracts, Contracts for the Establishment of Real and Personal Rights, Shopping Centers Management Contracts,
• To provide legal consultancy services under the provision for the possession of property by foreigners,
• To perform legal due diligence and to issue reports accordingly.


• To perform any administrative application and obligations and finalize all administrative remedies,
• To prepare legal opinion on tax legislation.


• To follow-up up-to-date legal regulations about Information Technology Law and to provide consultancy services in this regard,
• To file applications for domain names,
• To settle any dispute arising via the Internet.


• To follow-up legal proceedings related with the Press and Media Law, including the application of any legal remedies against written and oral publications that require criminal and legal sanctions.


• To follow-up any proceedings before the Consumer Arbitration Committee,
• To follow-up any proceedings related with the Consumer Law, including the settlement of disputes arising from defective goods and service.


In any disputes that may arise under the aforementioned legal consultancy services, to execute negotiations for an amicable settlement upon request, and to follow-up the whole case proceedings in case of the failure to settle disputes amicably.

To initiate execution proceedings for the collection of receivables and/or the follow-up of any execution proceedings files against.